Where To Store Avocados To Ripen Or Raw To Make it More Durable

Where To Store Avocados
How to store avocados to make it more durable - Avocado is one of the Favorites to make the fruit juice, fruit, ice or mixed salad.

If you frequently buy avocado fruit, surely you must know Where To Store Avocados that could last much longer, because if you don't car storing facility avocados with good and right then likely avocados last so more quickly damaged/rot

Here are tips on how to store ripe avocados or raw so much time listing:

Tips Storing Avocados

  1. Save the avocado is ripe fruit or vegetable in a drawer in the fridge. Recommended for immediate eating an avocado is ripe maximum 2-3 days after storage. But if not too ripe, avocados can stand up to a week.
  2. To avoid oxidation, sprinkle avocado that was cut with lemon juice or white vinegar then store in airtight container. However, after all the fruit that's been exposed could not last too long. So save the avocado pieces maximum for two days.
  3. If buying a raw avocado, you can store the avocado on top of the kitchen table or a dining table at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight. Avocado fruit will ripen within three to five days.
  4. If the purchased raw avocado eager to be cooked, you could speed up the maturation process in a way put the avocado in a paper bag. You can also add an Apple or a banana into a paper bag to hasten the process of ripening an avocado.
  5. You can keep the avocado that already mashed up to five months. How do you do?
It's easy, wash the avocado fruit is then cut into two halves, seeded. Take the flesh of the fruit of avocado with a spoon, add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice for every two Avocados.

Then blend the avocado, then place the avocado blender into container airtight. Give 2-3 cm distance between the top of the avocado and the lid of the container.

Save it in the freezer. Avocados that are frozen will be able to hold up to five months of storage.

That is, how to store avocados is good and true in order to be able to last longer, for those of you who have a lot of stock of avocado in the home can practice some of the tips above, avocados car storing facility Where To Store Avocados are very influential on the thickness, the avocado you save.